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I finally received a reply United from my original post; however I am not happy with their reply.

For all my grief, they offered me and my family each $100.00 discounts on our next flight originating from the U.S. For those of you who know me, this “gesture of good faith” does nothing for a military family serving overseas who only returns to the States every several years.

This is the letter and my reply…..I’ll keep you posted.

Mr. Sharma,

I appreciate the reply from United; however, I am disappointed and feel insulted by the gesture of good faith by United. Specifically, I mentioned I am in the U.S. military serving overseas. This was the first time in three years my family and I visited the United States. Offering me a $100.00 discount on a ticket that must be generated in the United States, within a couple years does absolutely nothing for me an my family.

Long lines and missing luggage aside, I would like to readdress the issue of sitting 3 1/2 hours on the runway while in Dayton. To date, I have received no explanation as to why. This specific issue was run on CNN recently discussing how airline passengers are treated like animals in a cage and yet, United continues this practice. I can understand weather delays are unpredictable, but why would you knowingly load your passengers on the plane and pull away from the terminal for an extended delay? Additionally, I know for fact (I heard the heated cell phone conversation) that the passenger in front of me was given first class round trip tickets to shut him up.

You apologized four times and understand stated you understand my disappointment, I would ask that you give me and my family a gesture of good faith in the form of free round trip tickets, class upgrades or miles. As stated, $100.00 discount will do nothing for me.

Finally, my situation is currently being followed on the following sites:





Thank you,

Ron Schneider

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