I figured that before someone comments on why I haven’t been updating, I better head them off at the pass and give an update…

School recently started. Brandon started in a new school, and is doing great. He does well in new social situations, and seems to be handling himself rather well.

Andrew started Kindergarten and I must say he surprised me big time! I had to work, but Samantha put him on the bus. She said he was so brave. He didn’t do the leg-cling thing or anything. A week into it, he loves going to school.

Zachary also started school. He started pre-school last week. He is doing great and seems to like it, although he’s not to excited to go when it’s time. He’d rather stay home with Mommy. Once he’s there, he’s fine though.

The weather finally broke, and things are cooling down. I’ve done a lot of work in the yard, and have been pulling a forest out of the garden.

Samantha is still selling Avon, and I have been very busy at work.

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