A Snapshot of Brads Life Today

Well, for those who know me personally, I have decided to answer the call and update you on what’s going on in my world. First of all, the AK Steel lockout is entering it’s 11’th month. I am technically still employed there, but have all but lost hope in returning there. I have learned a lot about unions, how they work, and how the union principles have deteriorated over the last several decades. I still man the picket line, and watch as disgust as other unions cross our picket lines and do our jobs. What is just as disgusting is the fact that the media doesn’t think it’s worthy of a story.

Since the lockout, I have found other employment. The hourly wage is actually better, but by the time you calculate bonuses and benefits, and the piss poor retirement plan they offer, it is hard to imagine I will continue to work there for very long.

I am seriously considering a career change. I have recently started promoting my webmaster service, and continue to seek clients but I seriously doubt that this will enable me to quit altogether and venture on my own and make it financially. I must leave the option of retraining open. I am exploring the idea of enrolling in a local college for wed development/design. I would rather work in this field for less than deal with the crap I deal with on a daily basis otherwise. Web design is what I enjoy doing.

I have also decided to refocus my web empire. I am trying to consolidate my sites, and spend more time on a fewer sites, thus allowing more time off line to get things done, including spend time with the family.

As part of my online refocusing, this blog will be updated more frequently. I will be posting personal items on here. I find that writing posts such as these are therapeutic for me.

OK, so that’s enough for now.

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