All of my Email Addresses

Once upon a time, I had a single Email address. It was through my Time Warner Roadrunner account. I am a moderator of the discussion forum on and I got one to conduct forum business. Several weeks later, I jumped on the Gmail bandwagon. Then I started up a website that sells craft related furniture, picked up three more (Admin, contact and sales). It wasn’t long after that I started and needed another one.

I had good intentions. I wanted to keep all of my email separate. I am at the point now where I think I can start scaling back. I gave up my address for I want using it and really didn’t need it. The craft type website is rotting on the vine, and I’m ready to ditch it altogether. That would unload three addresses. Then I’ll be down to three. I think three is quite manageable. I would be afraid to get rid of any of the “big three” because I might be expecting something important.

When it all started, I had a plan to keep everything organized. One was personal, one was for SPAM, and then it just escalated from there. How does a person who has multiple email addresses manage them? I use Microsoft Outlook as my email client, and it does a good job. I just think I am at my breaking point with it.

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