Another Year, Another Diet

With the new year comes promises to yourself about what you’re going to do this year, that you’ve been too sorry to do any other time. For me, it was to lose the weight I gained over the last two years. I blame the lockout for my stress binging that reintroduced me to all the bad eating habits I had managed to overcome.

I weighed in, and have begun my smart diet. This really isn’t a diet I guess, it’s more like a sensible way of eating and living that results in a healthy body weight. This new “Diet” only has a couple of rules. Here they are.

1. If you think it’s not good for you, it probably isn’t and therefore, don’t eat it.
2. Get rid of the junk in the kitchen. Keep plenty of healthy snacks around.
3. Avoid getting too hungry, as this will often result in a binge on the wrong stuff.
4. Don’t eat before going to bed.
5. Exercise is great, but don’t rush into anything. I believe that easing my way into a regiment will less likely result in burnout and will help with the long term result.

Hopefully, I can stick with it. I may or may not post from time to time on how my progress is coming along. I have already lost 5 pounds after two weeks.

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