Before Iraq

It seems like whenever you hear anything about the War in Iraq, something about how it all began is soon to follow. Lies, intelligence fabrication, whatever. The whole reason we went to war was because George Bush lied about Iraq WMD’s. Sound familiar?
It’s almost funny how easy we forget. I remember the no fly zone. I remember how there were daily violations of it, firing on allied aircraft. We got the UN weapons inspectors back in, but do you remember the lockouts, the runarounds they were getting? They were surrounded by a cloud of suspicion. After 16 UN resolutions we were trying to get yet another, only to be blocked by France, Germany and Russia. Enough was enough. We’re going in. The Nation was all for it. I recall over 70% of Americans were ready to go in. Now that it has been going on for a while, and the popularity is dropping off, our “leaders” are jumping ship. Leaders are called leaders because the lead people, not follow mob rule. Shame on them. How about a little follow through?

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