Chalk One Up for the Home Team

I normally don’t post on local news, but this is a story that our entire country can relate to.

This week, Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones, County Commissioner Mike Fox and State Rep Curtney Combs (R) Hamilton, announced that they will be racking down on illegal aliens residing in the county. New laws are being drafted, new rules are being put in place for employer’s who might hire these imposters, and all jail inmates will be required to declare citizenship. People found to be illegal immigrants may be deported.

It was also announced that in the last year over 1 million dollars has been spent husing illegal alien, and they intent to send the bill to the Federal Government for this. Maybe if enough local governments climb on board with this tactic, maybe something will get done. It is obvious to me that the only people in this country who do not want change at the border are those at the top who can do something about it.

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