Chase Credits Cards: Bad Business

I am furious right now, and I will try to vent some of my anger by unleashing the power of my blog.

Back in September, I purchased this domain for $9.95. Shortly thereafter, according to my emails that I never delete, I received a confirmation of a payment I had just paid online.

My Website purchase was not on this bill.

Today, I received an online bill from Chase and I went to pay it. I was shocked that I had a balance of $11.95 and was 2 months past due. I was furious.

It had not occurred to me the bill with the domain name charges had never come. I am used to not getting bills from Chase, because I rarely use them.

I called the customer service number, and was put on with a woman in India. She was quite rude with me. When I told might be having a problem getting my e-bills, she further pissed me off by giving me the “uh huh”. Why not just come out and call me a liar?

I have had an account with them for longer than I can remember, and NEVER been late on a payment. In fact, I have never been late for any payment of any sort to any creditor!

I wanted to talk to someone else about my emails. This woman was not wanting to help me.

I was transferred twice before I was speaking to some guy back in customer service. I told him my situation for the third time, and he was not understanding. I told him I paid the Indian woman, and wanted to go back to regular mail bills.

Where we butted heads was when I went on to tell him that I refuse to have an available credit line of $11,000 and carry a ridiculous interest rate of 28.24%, which is where they crank it up to if you’re late.

He told me that there is not an available interest rate lower than that for me now, but they review my credit report every six months and something might come available.

It took all I had not to cuss him out. I told him to close the account.

He then went through his required script that I could not understand because he was reading so fast, in a hurry to get off the phone with me.

I also have an credit card which is through Chase bank. I will be closing this account also.

I am calling for a worldwide boycott of Chase Credit cards. Their service is unacceptable. I don’t feel they deserve anyone’s business.

I plan to submit a link to this page to Chase Customer service as well as area newspapers. I will continue to post on this.

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