Closing Comments: Shutting the door on loyal readers

The comment spammers got the best of Blogger Yvonne Tran (nektros, Cynicism in a hot dish). She has closed down the comment leaving ability completely, due to the massive amounts of comment spam she receives. Not even the best WordPress plugins dealing with blogspam were able to help. Reading the announcement on her blog left me with mixed feelings about it.

I can completely understand her frustrations, as Bradsblog gets a fair dose of spam as well. (I’m certain she gets a lot more than I) However, I am one that believes that a blogger is only successful with interaction with the readership. To close comments, in my opinion, says “I’m good without you, don’t need you.”

This certainly isn’t a slam to Yvonne, as she clearly has a lot on her plate and obviously put a lot of thought into her decision. I think I’ll explore the web in search of other bloggers that have gone comment-free but I doubt I will find many. If it was a successful venture, wouldn’t it have already been done? That’s a question that Yvonne will have to find the answer to.

I will continue to read nektros, but I will miss leaving comments.

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