Day of Returns

I worked 3rd shift last night, so this morning I came home, screwed around on the computer a little bit then went to bed.

After I woke up and had some coffee, I decided to venture out into the world and return some gifts for my wife. This blog will compare how each of the three stores were prepared for the after-holiday return crowd.

The first store I went to was Target. I had to return some slippers that didn’t fit. I waited in line for about ten minutes, and had no problem getting a cash refund. From reading the sign they had posted, if I hadn’t had a receipt I would have been screwed.

The second store was JC Penney. They had 3 registers open, and I waited in line for at least 20 minutes. The customer service representative that helped me was in no hurry, but was pleasant. She had no sense of urgency but I could appreciate her smile and good nature.

I had a gift receipt, and on it it said that with a gift receipt I could only get an exchange or an in store credit. The lady did a receipt lookup and credited my debit card the full amount.

The third and final store I went to was Walmart. Walmart was a mad house, but was well organized. I went right in and only had one person in front of me. My total wait in line was about two minutes. The cashier was friendly and didn’t seem to be stressed out.

Walmart, by far, was the most organized.

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