General Motors Self Destruction

general motors logoI don’t like to see anyone lose a job, or any business go throgh what General Motors is going through right now. I have to ask the question though, could this be good overall for the consumer?

I mean, the biggest thing on the consumer’s mind these days are gas prices. When you think of what cars are the most efficient on fuel, you probably think of something like Honda, Nissan or Toyota. I know I do.

Maybe this is what it will take to motivate GM to put together more fuel efficient cars, trucks and minivans. I think if GM and the other big American auto makers put pressure on government and alternative energy producers to make Ethanol more available to the public, they would dominate the market. I know I would seriously look into buying a car that would not only save me money on gas, but make us as a whole less dependant on foreign oil.

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