Grandpas Farm Trip

This week I had a couple days off, we loaded up and went on another camping trip. This time it was to Grandpa’s Farm in Richmond, Indiana. Samantha went there last year, enjoyed it, so we went back again.

The boys really enjoyed playing in the game room, ping-pong and pool. They met some other kids there and had a really good time!

Here are some pictures we took(Click to make them bigger!):
Camping 1camping080624_123_065b.JPGcamping080625_249_173b.JPGcamping080625_276_200b.JPGcamping080624_204_132b.JPGcamping080625_289_213b.JPGcamping080624_009_008b.JPGcamping080625_415_311b.JPGcamping080624_005_006b.JPGcamping080626_443_330b.JPGcamping080625_278_202b.JPG

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