Handyman Club of America

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I was excited to get my free subscription to the Handyman Club of America last year when I purchased my Bostich Framing nailer. The subscription was free with purchase. It seemed like a good idea, you got to try out different products and you get a free magazine subscription as well. After my free subscription was up, I began to get the notices. You know the ones. “Last chance”, etc. Two weeks ago I received a larger envelope in the mail with a Lifetime Member patch, a carpenter’s pencil, and a sticker. They also threw in a lot of literature that I didn’t care to read.

I had decided not to renew my subscription. I especially didn’t want to pay for it. I never got the opportunity to try out new products, and honestly, I became bored with the magazine.

Finally yesterday in the mail, I was drawn to an envelope that had the text “Final Notice” printed in bold red text on the front, and they were certain not to put their name in the senders address area. I told my wife, “I bet it’s the Handyman Club”. Sure enough, it was.

I know most magazine subscriptions operate this way. I think it’s a form of harassment. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

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