Homeowners Association- Good or Bad?

While on my recent trip to Indianapolis, I met with someone who is Vice President of a community Homeowners Association, who I will call “Ted” in this post. He was explaining some of the guidelines that homeowners in his community are required to adhere to. I was reminded of when I lived in another community and there were local ordnances that seemed to be a bit extreme.

In the community I once lived, yard signs were prohibited over a certain size.(I think it was 12”x16”) This meant that if I have a cute pink Easter Bunny decoration posted in my front yard, I could be subject to a fine. I brought this point up to Ted and he explained that they have no problems with this type of sign. His point was he wanted to restrict signs, mostly in the community common areas, and their goal was to reduce/eliminate the signs of local home builders and that sort of signage.

In my old community, if you went away for vacation and left you grass growing, the city would come and cut it and send you the bill. Yes, they can do that. This is the sort of crap that drove me out of the neighborhood.

I could agree with Ted on most of his points. I appreciated the fact that the main goal of the Home owners association was to ensure the properties maintained their property value, and kept their community neat and clean in appearance.

I should only hope that there is full disclosure when someone purchases a home in one of these areas. Not only for the fact that nearly all of these associations charge dues, but you are restricted to what you can do on your own property.

When I moved into my old community, I was not aware of many of the special ordnances imposed by the city.

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