I Don’t Need Another Hobby!

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I run a pretty busy lifestyle, although my wife might call me lazy because of all the time I spend behind this computer. I consider being a webmaster a part time job. It does, after all, pay some of the bills.

When I went into the admin area of my Blog Directory, I about fell over. 257 links waiting for approval! JEEZ!

This is an enourmous task to go through, because I know that most of them are not worthy of the directory. They are either MFA sites (made for adsense) or Splogs. Since I’ve decided to get a bit more picky with the sites I accept, it’s even harder. (I don’t want blogs consisting of only feeds)

I am even considering outsourcing this task to one of the neighbor kids. Maybe I can pay him a few bucks to delete all the spam. I simply don’t have three hurs to go through all these links to check them out.

If you submit to this directory, I’ll give you a hint to get you approved quickly.

Featured and reciprocol links get approved fast. Then I go to the links that have good titles and descriptions, that make them look like real blogs and not splogs, or ad sites.

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