Is buying Schwans foods worth the cost?

schwans truck picture
I have been in my fair share of arguments with my wife about ordering frozen foods from Schwan’s. For those who don’t know, Schwan’s is a company that delivers frozen foods directly to your door. They are a bit more expensive than if you were to go to your local grocer and buy similar foods However, after tucking my lower lip back in and giving it an honest look, I must admit the quality of the foods are in fact better. The chicken meats they use in many of their products don’t have the fillers and steroids that might be found in other name brands. The ice cream is dangerous; you can’t eat just 2 bowls! What I am most impressed with is their vegetables. I can tell a difference between Schwans frozen vegetables and brand names such as Freshlike. The greens are greener and the taste is tastier. If you can afford it, I might recommend trying out some of the Schwans frozen foods.

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