It’s Tax Time

income taxes
It’s that time of the year again. I have an appointment with my CPA tomorrow to have my taxes done. I am not expecting as large of a return as I normally do, for reason’s I think I’ll keep to myself, but I am excited none the less.

About the CPA-
We started going to this CPA a couple of years ago because my wife was selling Creative Memories scrapbooking stuff and the taxes got a bit too complicated to do on Turbotax. So, we started seeing Cyndi.

I honestly thought I could save money by doing it myself, and not have to pay her the $135+ fee to do them for us. However, afterwards I am glad we did and will always have her do my taxes, and this is why:

– She maximized our deductions, and we ended up getting nearly a thousand dollars more back than I had originally calculated.

– She provides copies of everything, nicely bound for safe keeping.

– The service really isn’t that expensive, and is in itself tax deductible.

If you are on the fence about hiring a CPA to do your taxes and you don’t qualify to fill out the EZ form, I’d say have someone else do it!

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