iTunes vs. Media Player

As I mentioned in a previous post, my wife bought me a new iPod Shuffle as a Christmas gift this year. After the initial thrill had worn off, I spent several hours setting up my music library. This has been something that had always been next to impossible to do with Windows Media Player.

Finally, I got it finished. My genres are updated, and the duplicates are weeded out.

What I’m left with is about 650 songs in my music library.

The problem is, I have folders scattered throughout the “My Music” folder. There are tons of subfolders, and many only have one or two songs in them.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but it seems there should be an easy way to move them all over into the iTunes library folder.

I tried the consolidate library feature, but came up with an error about file names being too long, or that I didn’t have permission. It’s never simple, is it? If the file name is too long, tell me which one it is!

So I’ll continue to battle this issue. I will probably have to keep all the files scattered everywhere, taking up more space on my computer and making things a royal pain.

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