Jumping on the Chitika Bandwagon

I recently attempted to jump on the Chitika bandwagon. Chitika is a newer ad revenue program, that many say pay better than Google Adsense. After I submitted my request to become a publisher, Bradsblog was rejected. The email they sent me had a variety of reasons why my site could have been declined, so I really couldn’t pin it down. I look at Bradsblog, and would think that I would be a good candidate. Then I look at other sites that do have it, and wonder how in the world they got approved and I didn’t. Their sites are newer and very improbable that they more page views than I do. Their content is very weak. The only thing I can think of is page views. In the online application, they ask how many page views I have per month. This is the “Honor System” question. Obviously, they probably wouldn’t want every small-time site throwing up their ads. I think that because I told the truth on my application about page views I was declined. Maybe I should re-apply, and then lie about it and see if I get approved.

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