About two months ago I posted on Digital Point forums a requst for a link sales sript, one that I can keep track of text links that people pay to display on my sites.

Recently someone replied that they had written such a script and it’s called Linktracker. I bought this script to run on a website that I use only for selling such links.

The program is basic in nature, but is effective for it’s purpose.

After I uploaded the program, I had a little difficulty getting everything going, but that was because I use Dreamhost as a webhost, and I have found that they are a bit goofy with some things.

The guy who wrote the script was very supportive, and even rewrote some of the code to suit my specific server needs.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this, and would recommend it to anyone looking for such a product.

You can view screenshots, and learn more about it by visiting

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