Merry Christmas 2008.

Christmas is this week. Since Brandon will be at his dads on Christmas day, we asked Santa if he would instead come a day early. He said yes and so Christmas Eve morning, the boys will be tearing into Santa’s gifts. Last night we had the annual Schneider Christmas gathering, the boys really enjoyed all the gifts they received.

I’ve been taking many pictures, and instead of trying to post them all here, I thought it would be easier to direct you to my Kodak Easyshare slideshow. You can see them here. These are pictures at Zachary’s Christmas program from preschool, as well as dinner with our friens Judy and Jerry (Christmas Carolers showed up and sang in their living room, it was great!) Also are pictures of the Schneider Christmas last night.

Also worth updating, our bathroom remodeling project is complete. The downstairs bathroom, we gutted leaving absolutely nothing and installed porcelain tile, new cabinet, vanity, sink, toilet and all the extras.

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