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This review of Mr. Roof is an honest review. Mr. Roof in no way encouraged, influenced, or had any knowledge of my review.

Last year, when Hurricane Ike came rolling through Ohio and blew the shingles off of every house in the county, I decided that I only had about a dozen shingles missing and I would just make the roof repairs myself. That was fine until two weeks ago, when a wind storm came through again and know a bunch more off. Enough is enough.Mr. Roof logo

I decided to call a roofer and get his opinion. After a couple of first-hand testimonials, I went to the Mr. Roof website and requested a free quote. The next business day, I was called and the appointment was made.

At the appointment, Daniel came out, and he could tell immediately that I had real damage and that I needed a new roof. He explained in detail how the process worked, dealing with insurance, etc. No deductibles are due until the work was done. He would handle everything, and all we needed to do was pick out what color shingle we wanted.

He also mentioned that our old shingles would be replaced with a higher quality, 30 year dimensional shingle.

A day after meeting with Daniel, I contacted my insurer and explained the situation, and that I need to file a claim. He was friendly about it and said that an adjuster would soon be in contact with me.

Over the last couple of days, I have had a series of phone calls with State Farm, and an adjuster will be coming out to inspect the roof next week. Right now there is snow covering the roof and the holidays are this week. I gave my Mr. Roof guy a call yesterday keeping him in the loop.

Now that the weather has broken, I called State Farm and left a message that we get this process moving. Today when I got home from work, my wife said the State Farm guy was here today expecting the Mr. Roof guy and he wasn’t here. I guess there was some behind the scenes communication between the insurance and roofer. An appointment was set up for the adjuster and roofer for Tuesday.

Today was the day for the inspection. The insurance adjuster came out, the Mr. Roof guy didn’t show up. I called him, and he said he had lost his phone and was apologetic about it. The insurance adjuster said that he will only pay for the back half of the roof. I told him I’d like the roofer to get back up there and give his opinion. Here are some pictures I took while up there.

I left a message with the State Farm adjuster a week or so ago, never heard back from him. I learn he is on vacation so I get ahold of the claims office and spoke with another adjuster. I explained I wish to dispute the finding of the other adjuster. He and Mr. Roof will be back out here this Friday for another look.

Well I rushed home from work today so I could beat Mr. Roof and the State Farm adjuster there. It was raining a little bit and they were supposed to be here between 3:30 and 4:00. At 4:30 since neither one of them showed up I called the State Farm insurance adjuster and he said Mr. Roof called and had to reschedule for next week due to not wanting to be on the roof when it’s raining. This is all well and good, but I really would have appreciated a phone call.

I called Daniel to find out why he didn’t call me on Friday. I was a bit pissed because I had no clue what was going on. I have to work on Tuesday, when the new appointment is scheduled. When I called, I got the voice mail that he couldn’t answer any calls and to leave a voicemail and he’ll get back with me. I left him one, and also asked if I needed to be present for the appointment. About ten minutes later he text messaged me and explained briefly that I did not need to be present for the appointment with the new insurance adjuster and he would call me after the meeting at 1:30 and bring me up to speed.

Well the meeting was today on the roof at 1:30. I know it happened because my wife was home and saw then go up there. However, I didn’t get my phone call. Something has to give here.

I called Daniel on my way home from work. I explained that the communication problem we are having is not working. I am the customer and need to know what’s going on all the time. He said he apologized but the State Farm adjuster had not made a decision yet and will probably be next week before he did. He didn’t want to call me without anything definitive. I told him he needs to call me and let me know he doesn’t have anything definitive. He is supposed to call me next week when he hears from the insurance guy.

After not hearing from anyone, I received a check in the mail from the insurance adjuster. The check came with an itemized quote for what they will repair, which is both rear slopes.

After several more days I waited for Mr. Room to call, and the call never came. I was frustrated, ready to look for another roofer. I looked over our service agreement and the contract for a roof replacement was pending insurance approval. I called Daniel, again, and this time I told him that I received a check from State Farm and that I just wanted my roof fixed and was tired of playing games. I asked him to give me a quote for a roof replacement, as well as a rear slopes only replacement. He asked me if I wanted it emailed or mailed – I told him an email would be just fine.

Sticking to form, he never provided the quote for the work. In the end, I went with Weller Roofing. I was very pleased with the level of professionalism and quality work I received from Weller.

In this process, I learned that there are two different type of roofing contractors. There are those who are interested in earning your work, and there are those who are only interested in screwing the insurance companies and going for the fast easy money. I believe strongly that Mr. Roof is of the latter group.

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