My bad experience at MicroCenter

Yesterday, I went shopping at our local Microcenter with two of my brothers and my Dad. My Dad and my brother were in the market for a new laptop computer and they were interested in the 18 months same as cash option they saw in the ad. They also advertised $100 off purchases over $500 (computers, etc) when you apply for credit.

We milled around the store for a while, brushing of salesmen left and right. Finally, they both had decided on a laptop and went to the credit app area. They had filled out the credit application and then realized that there were two different applications they could fillout. After questioning the rep, they learned that you do not get BOTH 18 months same as cash and $100 off. You could choose between the in store card, and get the 18 months SAC, then get screwed over with 21% interest after the 18 months. Or you can get a hundred dollars off, with an interest rate somewhere around 9%.

This pissed my Dad off, and he decided he’s not messing with it. My brother went with the lower interest rate and $100 off.

My brother then went back to the laptop area and waited around for a salesman. Where were they?

Finally, he was helped. The guy decided it was time to find out if the laptop he wanted was even in stock. Fortunately, it was and the salesman went to get it. When he returned with the laptop, he was approached by another salesman. This guy was not happy. I guess he figured since he was the first one to nagg us, he owned the sale. I thought a fight was going to break out.

After the dominant salesman prevailed, the bullcrap really started to get deep. I was getting really irritated by the way the salesman was trying to sell my brother everything under the store.

“How old is your surge protector?” He would ask. I didn’t know they went bad after a couple of years!

After my brother answered that he already had a supply of CD-R’s, the guy came back with “What kind?”

It was a bad experience for me, and I do not plan to eer buy from there. If you ave had similar experiences at MicroCenter, I would be interested to hear it!

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