My Cry for Help

I have decided to write some government officials and news outlets expressing my concern over the expansion of the Axis of Evil. I hope you help me spread the word! Here is the text of the letter I have sent out.

Dear select government officials and news outlets,

I am writing to express my concerns over the recent global developments, which started with the election of anti-American demagogue Evo Morales in Bolivia. Since his election, it seems all the top leaders of the countries that despise America the most have been meeting (Bolivia, Cuba, China, Iran and Syria). My concerns have grown significantly now that Iran has entered the mix and are in pursuit of nuclear weapons.

I have been publishing developments as I see them to my blog, located at I have not seen much, if any news coverage about this story.

I hope I am overreacting.

Thank You,
Brad Schneider

I will continue to send this to more people/institutions as I compile a list of email address and contact forms.

So far, I have sent my message to the following:
Senator George Voinovich

If you have any others I am missing and you think should be added, please post them here.

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