My new blog(s)

Bringing in the new year, I am considering broadening my blogging career by starting a few new blogs. My new blogs will not b updated as frequently as Bradsblog, but they will exist.

In addition to Bradsblog, I will also maintain the following:– This blog is already up and running, and has been since well before this newer version of Bradsblog. Bloghints was once a discussion board, set up for those who were beginner bloggers. It also consisted of a directory, for bloggers to post their blog links there.

This started to become a problem to maintain, so I decided to eliminate the directories and make the home page a blog instead.

I still maintain the forums there, but it is not as active as it once was. I am considering putting blog-hints up for sale, along with the pointer domain, because I’m not sure I have room for such a site in my plan.

In the coming months, I will rejuvenate my rubber stamping site This site has been rotting on the vine for several months now. I will pimp this site up with a WordPress blog and transform it into a photo blog, with stamping related ideas and images.

I went forward with my NFL Superbowl site( This will also become a blog. Right now I have a news feed on it until I get some time to fix it up.

I have recently registered my new Nascar related blog, and it’s located at I’m not sure how often I’ll really be able to update these, but it will be an interesting addition to my busy life!

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