My Take on Gift Cards

kohls gift card picture
Now that we’re in Christmas season, I feel it’s appropriate to discuss giving gift cards as Christmas gifts. I admit there may be cases where they are ok, but for the most part they are not.

Do you remember growing up, and were told that it’s not the gift you give; it’s the thought that counts?
How much thought goes in to buying a gift card? Why even bother with it?
If you’re too lazy to do a little shopping, don’t waste you’re money.

Giving a gift means:” I thought of you and bought this”. A gift card means “I couldn’t find five minutes to make it past the customer service desk to find you a gift, here’s a gift card, go buy your own gift”.

Christmas only happens once a year, why not buy them something they will remember and appreciate? Don’t punish them buy sending them back to the store, just when they thought they were done Christmas shopping. Now they have to buy their own gifts!

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