New Hampshire

I was sent to the rainy, chilly state of New Hampshire for two weeks to attend a class for some new equipment getting installed at my job. We flew in this weekend to Manchester Airport and checked into the Hampton Inn in Portsmouth.

I have to say, the hotel is very nice, I always like the WiFi service they offer.

I’m not going to go on about the hotel, or the local restaurants I visited, but instead I’d like to just make a mention of the state in general. There are some pros and cons with this state, as I have seen the last few days.

There are too many people around here riding bicycles. Get a motorcycle, or a car, or if you insist on riding a bicyle, GET OFF THE ROAD!

There are too many Democrats. I left my George Bush sirts at home because I new this was a liberal town. I knew for sure I was in trouble when I was driving around and on the same trip, I saw some people practicing Lacrosse in their front yard and a few miles down the street I saw a home with a huge croquet game setup int heir back yard. I’m not talking about the kind you pull out for outdoor gatherings, I’m talking about a major setup going on!

To top it off, when I was at Applebees eating my dinner, there were some guys at the bar playing Yahtzee! Do I need to go on about that?


Yes, there are some pros to New Hampshire.

First, I liked the airport.

I also think that althought the people here are strange, they are generally nicer than other places.

Everywhere seems to be cleaner. Less trash on the ground, etc. There are plenty of restaurants, that aren’t crowded. I ave seen many nice houses as well!

Good place to visit, I’d have to assess the tax situation before I would think about living here. As I understand it, you don’t pay sales tax but you get dragged over the coals on personal property taxes.

Anyone with any insight on this or have any comments on New Hampshire, please feel free to comment on it.

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