Non-Stick Cookware

For almost all of my adult life, I have owned non-stick cookware. I always thought it was essential. If you didn’t use the non-stick stuff, you would be at the sink for hours scrubbing your dinner. Well, several years ago, my brother bought me some stainless steel pots that get used almost daily. They still look relatively new and I don’t have much of a problem cleaning them either. More recently, My wife and I decided to replace our large non-stick skillet with a stainless steel one. It cooks very good and surprised to learn that it isn’t all that bad to clean. As long as you preheat the skillet and clean it good, it isn’t a problem. So, I would recommend paying a few extra dollars and getting a good, non-non-stick skillet. It will probably last many years longer than the regular non-stick kind.

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