Obama’s Missile Defense Shield

This is an issue that the more I think about it, the higher my blood pressure gets. The Russians no doubt SEVERELY opposed this shield, the eastern European allies strongly wanted it, then out of the blue it’s scrapped leaving several strong allies with bus tire tracks all over their backs.

Obama campaigned on rebuilding our relationships with our allies. How is this building our relationship with the Czechs, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, and several other eastern European nations in Russia’s cross hairs?

If they want to make the case that it cost too much, well how much is it? Is it more than the stimulus that recently passed? I heard them say that they’re going to use ships at sea to accomplish the same thing, but the military budget is also being slashed.

The missile defense shield is a huge bargaining chip that in my opinion is off limits, and was simply given away as far as I can see. We are seeing carrot after carrot and I think Joe Biden was right when he said that Obama will be tested early in his presidency. Did he pass the test?

President Obama is going around the world stopping all programs that the bad guys don’t like, assuming that if we just close Gitmo, they will like us. If we just dismantle the missile defense shield, they will like us. If we only sell out Israel, they will like us. If we cancel the embargo with Cuba, they will like us. If we apologize for being Americans, they will like us. What’s next? Maybe if we withdrawal from Afghanistan they will finally like us.

You don’t have to be a general to know that if you let your guard down you’re going to get punched in the face. I think that now that Russia knows we don’t have the spine to back up our European allies we’ll probably see strong Russian aggression in the region pretty soon.

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