Obsessive Compulsive with Bathrooms

public restroom photo
My wife has been complaining that I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, and has been ever since I began blogging. If I am at home, I am on the computer. It would not surprise me if there was a family picture of my wife and kids, and the back of my head.

While I was on my family vacation this summer in Indianapolis, I got the creeps in a Bob Evans restaurant bathroom and haven’t been the same since.

I had just finished washing my hands and went to open the door when I had a vision. How many nasty hands grabbed the door before me? A lot I’m sure. It’s almost like I could see the germs on it. The bathroom looked clean! It really gave me a weird feeling. I took a look around, is the water faucet safe? I just washed my hands, will I contaminate them by turning off the water? What about the paper towel dispenser? I figured the faucet and paper towel dispenser would be safe. Only clean hands touch the paper towel dispenser. I figured the best way to open the door would be to use the paper towel I just used to dry my hands and shield my hand from the door handle, then hold the door open with my elbow and make the two-point shot with the towel in trash.

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