Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Tacos

stand n stuff taco shell image
Sticking with the Taco theme, I thought I’d go on about the Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff taco shells we had with our taco dinner the other night. We had a full spread. We had regular rounded bottom shells, the new flat bottomed style, soft tacos, and mini tacos. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the flat bottomed ones.

These tacos are a bunch of hype.


They make it very easy to make a taco, they don’t fall over as easy.


These taco shells cost 20% more than the traditional taco shells. They price them the same, but you get less taco for your money. This is the ripoff part.

On top of all that, as soon as you grip your food and prepare for your first bite, the shell splits along the bottom, then you have a broken taco every time.

I ate a good amount of these tacos, and the shell broke every time.

If you’re torn on which taco shell to buy and want my opinion, stick with what you know. Go with the traditional style taco shell.

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