Open Bloggin’ Mike

While I was giving some thought to appointing RASS as guest blogger, I thought “why not let others have the opportunity?” and that’s what I’ve decided to do.

If you’d like to be a guest blogger, you can Submit your posts to me. I’m not going to promise that your post will get published, but I’ll give it an fair shot! If I feel your article is compatible with Bradsblog, then I’ll make it happen.

I feel it’s necessary to establish a few ground rules.

1. Articles submitted must be original and written by you. I’m not going to publish a post that was also posted on other blogs.
2. I do not intend to edit your post, but if there is something minor that needs tweaked, I’ll do it. (grammer, spelling, etc)

Emailing your post to me will get your foot in the door. If I like your style, I’ll promote your user status so you’ll be able to just sign in and post.

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