P-nut took a spill

Well, for those who don’t know me personally, my youngest son will be two years old this month. The other day, he took a fall(we think off the couch) and he ended up with a spiral fracture on is femur.

We took him to the local Childrens Hospital outpatient care place, they did up some X-rays and started him on morphine. They though it wold be best not to move him too much, so P-nut got his first ride in an ambulance! My wife rode with him downtown Cincinnati to the hospital, and I met them there.

Shortly after we arrived, the medical staff decided that surgery was not required, but instead they opted for a spica cast.

We had to stay overnight, while the cast set up and they also wanted to keep an eye on him. In the morning, they wanted to make sure he went to the bathroom and was eating/drinking. After the morning, he still was not eating so they decided that his cast was to tight around his diaper area, as well as his tummy. This resulted in a horrifying experience, becasue there was a team of about four grown men come into the room with ower equipment to trim up his cast! They split open the part of the cast around his belly and placed wedges in it and re-wrapped it.

Finally, abut 10PM we were released from the hospital. Obviously, he can’t walk around or anything, but he has found some comfort in sitting in a simple umbella stroller.

He is to be in this cast for 4-6 weeks and we hope time flies!

Here is a picture of P-nut after getting home from the hospital-

P-net's return home picture

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