05 FebBuying Quality Products Online

It is clear that our society is choosing convenience and affordability by taking our daily needs online and finding merchants and services that fulfill those needs. From online travel booking to scores of product reviews to online superstores, quality products saturate the today’s market and the competition is fierce.

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17 DecSteve Madden Shoe Review



Perfect for a night on the town or your next holiday party, the ultra high heel Moskoww pumps from the Steve Madden collection are the epitome of fabulous while being just over the top enough to make you feel younger, sexier and more confident. This shoe was definitely not made for walking but they will get you around your next event with an air of confidence and a feeling of superiority.

Peep toe heels covered in silver glitter with flecks of reds, gold and other rich colors, these 5 ¾ inch heels have a festive bow on the toe strap and a mirrored heel with a 2 inch mirrored platform to boot. These Steve Madden heels are so fabulous they will work with just about any party ensemble. Pair them with a little black dress and a silver clutch for an evening event or with a vibrant red dress made for celebrating the holidays.

While most women prefer to wear flats on a regular uneventful day, throwing on some Steve Madden heels for a special night compliments any kind of dress. These heels are made for fabulous legs to do yourself a favor and pair them with a short hemline to make the most of what you’ve got. If a dress isn’t in the cards with these gorgeous heels, pair them with your darkest skinny jeans, a black tank and a black blazer. Pile on the jewelry with necklaces and bracelets and let these heels add glitter and excitement to your outfit.

The soles are man-made and the women’s shoes are imported. The glittery upper portion of the Steve Madden Moskoww heels is made of leather and the heels are comfortable and easy to wear. Not for the office, or even for your first meeting with the people you hope will one day become your in-laws, these heels were made for fun and playtime. Be the envy of every woman in the room in these Steve Madden shoes at your next event.

09 DecTop 5 Wedding Money Wasters to Avoid

A wedding is a wonderful celebratory occasion, but there is so much that goes into planning it. Unfortunately, weddings can also be very expensive. Considering the gown, wedding invitations, wedding stationery, the food, the location, it all adds up pretty quickly. Everyone wants a memorable wedding day, but it shouldn’t cost more than you can afford.
Cheap wedding invitations
1) Expensive Wedding Invitations
Invitations are important. However, this expense can get extremely high once you begin to factor in the extra cost for any special designs when ordering them, the response cards, reception cards and all necessary postage. Shop for cheap wedding invites online or buy them when they are on sale. Avoid wasting unnecessary money by enlisting the help of a creative friend. Purchase an invitation kit from a local arts and craft store, so you can create your own. Instead of using response cards to confirm the reservation, include an email address or phone number that guests can use to R.S.V.P.
2) Spending too Much on Flowers
Flowers are a huge expense if you factor in the flowers for the reception, the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids and the bride. Sure, they add a nice touch to any room, but use a little creativity to cut your florist bill in half. Purchase flowers that are in season and from a local florist. Only use real flowers for the bride’s and the bridesmaids bouquet. Use artificial flowers for everything else.

3) The Wedding Dress
As beautiful as wedding dresses are, you are only going to wear it one time. Spending thousands of dollars on something like this is wasteful. You can find a beautiful dress at an affordable price by shopping around at your local bridal shop. There are also shops that rent bridal wear.

4) Personalised Champagne Flutes and Serving Sets
These items make nice keepsake gifts, but you don’t need to spend the extra money on these items. The reception hall provides these items for you to use during the reception. Save your money on this unnecessary expense.

5) Inviting Too Many Guests
You’re marrying the love of your life, and you want the world to witness it. That’s fine, but keep in mind each person you invite is an extra cost added. Now is not the time to invite your third grade best friend, someone you haven’t spoken with in over 15 years. Sit down and create a list of people who are important to the both of you, and use that as a guide for creating the guest list.

23 NovTime Warner Internet and Cable Products

Time Warner internet is affordable and incredibly easy to setup. Simply plug the modem into the back of your computer and you are instantly connected to the Internet. You can access your e-mail directly through the Web or by using a mail application such as Outlook or Outlook Express. Mail applications allow you to setup filter options and folders to better organize your e-mail. Time Warner internet keeps you connected to the Web all of the time, so your e-mail arrives as it is sent.

Bundled with other cable products, you can save a lot of money every month. Time Warner internet with other cable products can be had for under $100.00 per month in most areas. It’s important to get the best wire cable products from a good cable manufacturer. Most operating systems come with free e-mail and browser applications.Time Warner internet, bundled with Time Warner’s other cable products, allows you to remain connected to the Web all of the time while still saving money. Access e-mail and other services online, or use applications on your desktop to stay connected with friends and family.

14 NovAny Carchex Complaints?

I’ve recently been looking into this company, Carchex. I’ve been thinking about getting an auto warranty and I’ve looked into many companies online and off. It seems like a lot of the warranty companies are similar, but it seems that Carchex has the most positive reviews out of all of them in regards to purchasing a warranty. It seems like their extended vehicle protection plan is what I’m looking for, but I wanted to ask my readers if they had any info on Carchex as a company.

Anyway, the point of writing this is to look into any reviews people might have for Carchex. Have any of you readers ever used a Carchex auto warranty? Do you have any Carchex complaints? If you have any information on the warranty company, please post a comment.


18 OctWhy You Need Travel Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

Travel Health InsuranceA friend of mine came back from Cambodia not so long ago. Just like many fellow Americans, he was very eager to spend his vacation in a country with breathtaking beaches and cheap everything – from hotels to restaurants. He is known among us as someone who always welcomes challenge and new experiences. No wonder he wanted to try all the exotic local food he could find there so that he could brag about it upon his return. He bought this dish from a street vendor that you could rightfully call “rotten clams”. Fishermen catch them in a not-so-clean river nearby early in the morning, then they leave the clams in the sun for about a day – and the raw and at this point rotten clams are a ready-to-sell dish. Well, locals do eat and enjoy this kind of food, which most of us would find less than appealing. But their stomachs are strong enough to digest the raw “sun-dried” clams. But it was clearly more than my friend’s stomach could take so he ended up in a hospital with a severe food poisoning.

Luckily, he purchased a travel medical insurance plan from Gateway Insurance before he went on a trip so his hospital stay and medical treatment were covered in full. But you hear horrific stories of foreign tourists who have a medical emergency when traveling abroad, yet a local hospital would either refuse to treat them because they don’t have valid international health insurance, or they have to pay cash up front, which can range anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousand dollars, depending on the medical procedure needed.

Travel health insurance provides coverage for illnesses that occur during international vacations or business trips. If you become sick or require emergency medical care, an international health insurance policy could pay for services that may not be covered through your domestic health insurance company. Some of the services that a travel health insurance covers include prescription drugs, hospitalization and immunizations, as well as office visits or treatment from a physician.

Teachers who work overseas and students who are studying abroad should also have international health insurance. Most insurance companies provide a discount for student travel medical insurance plans, so they are more than affordable for those who plan to study abroad. It’s important to have travel medical insurance to cover traumatic events, such as a medical evacuation or if an accidental death or dismemberment occurs. Your travel health insurance policy may include plans with no deductible, referrals for medical services and informative details about certain health risks that are associated with areas that you plan to visit.

International health insurance can provide some comfort toward your medical care if you become sick. Your travel medical insurance coverage can enable you to obtain immediate care, without the worries of extreme healthcare costs or the denial of services. Senior citizens or individuals who have disabilities can rely on health insurance to pay for checkups and specialized care. If you are taking a family vacation, health insurance could provide protection and peace of mind for your the care of your loved ones. The financial benefits of having travel medical insurance are priceless. You should compare the costs of several health insurance plans before making a decision to purchase a policy.

14 OctFinding Reputable Insurance Companies and Avoiding Scam

Most of us carry at least one insurance plan. It all begins with health insurance that even newborn babies are required to have these days. Then as you reach sweet 16 and get your driver’s license, it’s time to get your first car and shop for a cheap auto insurance policy for the first time. A number of years later you decide to settle down, get married and buy your first home, so now you are in need of a homeowner insurance coverage. And once you have kids, you want to make sure their financial well-being is protected even if something happens to you, so you take out life insurance.

Reputable Insurance Companies PictureFinding the right provider is a challenge for many – insurance language is often beyond our understanding and terminology requires explanation from someone competent. If you are searching for a reputable insurance carrier, make sure you do your research prior to making your final decision.  Here are some helpful tips when shopping for insurance;

  • Check with the Department of Insurance of your state to see whether the company you chose is licensed, what is their A.M. Best rating, and how many complaints they received in recent years
  • Look up the grade that the company gets from BBB, what is their complaint history, the nature of claims made by the former customers and whether the claims were resolved
  • Do comparison-shopping: services and coverage offered vary from company to company, so do the rates. If you can find adequate coverage at a cheaper rate from a small insurance carrier, why spend more with a company that is better-known, hence more expensive?
  • Understand the insurance plan you are buying: what is the coverage? Are there any conditions and exclusions? Make sure to check if discounts are offered if you purchase a family plan, or if you are a student or senior citizen.
  • Beware of fraudulent insurance companies. Check their website and make sure their physical address and valid phone number are provided. If all you can find is a P.O. Box and an “800” number, it’s likely that the company is a scam and you should stay away.
  • Read the online reviews. You can find so much useful information on the web today, many sites will provide tips on how to find a reputable life insurance company, or what health coverage provider offers better rates and superior customer service.
  • Talk to your friends and co-workers. Getting the feedback from the people you know well and trust is the best way to get accurate information and it will definitely help you make the right choice.


13 OctHow Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby Today?

Almost everyone wants to be a parent, but few people stop to think about the cost of bringing that little bundle of joy into the world. In fact, having a child and raising him or her to the age of eighteen can be more expensive than the average college degree. The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion claims that the typical family can expect to spend as much as $222,000 raising their baby! This number is widely variable, however, and depends on a number of assumptions about family income, location, child care and so on.
There are many costs associated with having a babyA number that is much easier to pin down is the cost of actually having the baby. Pregnancy and child birth can be expensive, and then there are the things new parents have to buy for the little one: a car seat, clothing, diapers and so on. Pregnancy is the first expense that must be paid for, and there are plenty of expenses that come along with the joy.

First and foremost, the mother-to-be needs to buy prenatal vitamins. A month’s supply can cost anywhere from $10 to $50. Prenatal care is expensive; even if the future parents are insured, they must still pay co-pays for each visit and any tests that need to be run. A woman that is paying out-of-pocket can expect to pay at least $2,000, but even insured patients will still have to come up several hundred dollars.

Childbirth classes can be anywhere up to and including $200. The mother-to-be has to buy maternity clothing, as well. Labor and delivery costs continue to rise; the average vaginal birth now costs up to $12,000, while a Caesarean section can top out at $20,000. Insurance will cover a large part of the bill, but not all.

Then there are the expenses surrounding the baby. The list of things expectant parents need to buy is frighteningly long and includes everything from a car seat to clothing. Luckily, baby showers often provide a number of these items.

Once the baby is born, the expenses continue to mount. The parents have to pay for diapers, formula, wipes and other supplies. One expense many parents neglect to plan for is child insurance. A number of child insurance plans are available today, including health plans and life insurance. All parents need to make sure their new child and their finances are protected in the event that something goes wrong.


13 OctBe an Entrepreneur like Jack Simony and David Lichtenstein

Many people dream of being rich. Lots of people hope to some day be a hollywood star. But if you truly want to be wealthy, I always think the best approach is to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is always a great experience that can make you wildly wealthy. Maybe we can learn from successful people like Jack Simony and David Lichtenstein.Learn from people like Jack Simony and David Lichtenstein

Jack Simony – Entrepreneur

Jack Simony got his start dredging oil fields. Now Jack Simony is a very successful entrepreneur. Many people might think that becoming an entrepreneur is easy – but it isn’t. People like Jack work very hard to get where they are

David Lichtenstein – Blogger/Entrepreneur

David started off with a full time job and eventually was able to become a successful business owner. David Lichtenstein is very successful in many industries due to hard work.

If you would like to be a successful business owner like Jack Simony or David Lichtenstein, it can definitely happen. But you have to make it happen just like successful people like Jack and David have done.

16 SepAre Real Estate Agents Liable for Inspector’s Mistakes?

Prior to being licensed as a real estate agent, you undoubtedly had extensive training about liabilities and how to avoid them. If your classes were like most, they placed a great deal of emphasis on property defects and the need to disclose their existence to the buyer. They also discussed how important it is for the buyer to hire a property inspector. But, did they ever tell you that you could be liable if the inspector fails to do his job properly?

Real estate agent insurance is important.
To avoid this, you want to be sure that any inspector you recommend is competent. You should prepare a list of the most experienced and thorough home inspectors in your area. Ideally, the buyer should be given the list so that they can select the inspector. In real life, most buyers are not comfortable making the choice.

A first-time buyer, or a buyer who is new in town, is quite likely to ask, and maybe even beg you to pick an inspector for them. They can make you feel that the deal hinges upon you providing this service. Naturally, you will choose the inspector who, in your opinion, offers the most comprehensive disclosure in your area.

Unfortunately, even the best inspectors can miss something. If what they miss is serious or costly, problems will arise. This is an area where many realtors are uninformed and unprotected. No matter how careful you are, you could find yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit.

Most real estate agents believe that if they strictly avoid recommending an inspector, they will be protected. This is not always true. In today’s litigious society, people sue at the drop of a hat. Attorneys, in an attempt to obtain the highest monetary settlement for their clients, often name as many defendants as possible in these suits.

Typically, they will name both buyers’ and sellers’ agents, both brokers, the seller and the home inspector as defendants. Even if you are totally innocent of the accusations, you will be forced to spend both time and money to defend yourself in a court of law.

The best way to protect yourself is to purchase real estate errors and omissions liability insurance. This insurance covers you for any errors or omissions that you may inadvertently make. If you are sued, you simply turn it over to your insurance company. No realtor in today’s market should be without this valuable insurance.