PayPal Dispute Resolution

Paypal Dispute Photo

I have never had a problem with Paypal, because they provide a free sevice to people who shop and do business online all over the world. I never thought much of their dispute resolution program until recently – when I needed it.

I had arranged to sell some custom made Stamp Pad organizers on one of my websites,, and he would drop ship from his location (in Canada). I had made a couple of sales, and after I paid him for the organizers, he became hard to get ahold of. I would go a week or so and not hear from him, then he had an excuse, then finally they supposedly shipped. Well, finally I wrote him off, refunded the customer’s money and filed a dispute with Paypal.

According to Paypal, you cannot file a claim if it has been over 45 days from the date of purchase. This really sucks. All a person has to do is drag it out for 45 days, and he is off the hook! I hope they do something to better this service sometime soon, becasue it costs me over $100.

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