Powweb is Garbage

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Previously posted on Bradsblog:

As many of you know, I run several websites. Two of which are hosted with Powweb. While I am overall dissatisfied with the service I am receiving, I can do nothing at this point but unleash the wrath of my blog powers. First of all, after I signed up with them, through rookie ignorance, I learned that they are a bit pricey if you have multiple domains. Second, there seem to be more outages than normal servers. Last night, I lost contact with two of my websites- www.stampingallery.com and www.blog-hints.com. I checked the powweb website and they said they’re working on it. This is bullcrap. If you are in the market for a web server, I would recommend Dreamhost.

They are cheaper and have less outages. Contact me and I can get you a discount link.

Well, I still continue to have occasional problems with POWWEB. Fortunately, I don’t use them for this blog. I can’t wait until my time runs out with them so I can switch everything over to Dreamhost. My only fear is that I’l be moving all my database data over to a new server, and I am terrified!!!

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