Product Review – EverLife Flashlight

I saw the infomercial on tv the other day, and although I have no interest in purchasing this flashlight, I though I would do a little research on it and find out the real deal on it. I will spell out the pro’s and cons that I came up with.everlife flashlight picture

In all fairness, I do not normally think too highly of “As seen on TV” products, as they are normally junk. However, I will try to be fair in this review.

First of all, they claim you do not need batteries. Well, from what I found, there are batteries in it, but not the kind you change out like in regular flashlights.

1. This flashlight would be handy to have around but not for general use. This would not be the flashlight to use when working on a car or other work where you really need clarity on the subject.

2. You don’t need to buy batteries to put in it.

3. They seem to be built tough and shouldn’t break when dropped.

4. They are waterproof

1. Shaking this thing for 30 seconds will give you about 5 minutes of light. Reviews I read on this are mixed. Some say the light is bright, but most say the light is very focused and fades rather quickly.

2. There is a large magnet in there, so you need to keep it away from anything that will be affected by the magnetic field.(tapes, electronics, etc.)

3. I’ve read several reviews where customers were double billed, or experienced poor customer service.

$20 for a flashlight like this seems a bit much. I’d rather have a high quality flashlight that runs on batteries.

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