Product Review – Ovaltine vs. Nestle Nesquik

Tonight I was shopping at the new Super Walmart not far from my house. We were browsing through the new grocery chocolate milkdepartment when my son wanted to get Nestle’s Nesquik chocolate milk powder. We normally get Ovaltine, because I am sometimes a sucker for what I hear n TV. I told hm we drink Ovltine because that Nesquik is all sugar. I pulled the Ovaltine off the shelf, and compared it with the Nesquik that was in his hand. I was shocked. I was expecting there to be major differences between the two but there wasn’t. They both had the same amount of sugar!

I must admit, Ovaltine did have more vitamins than Nesquick, but not by much. A price comparison revealed that ounce per ounce, the Ovaltine was more than twice the cost. I was not able to come up with a nutrition label for he Ovaltine, but they aren’t that much different.
This is what had to say about Ovaltine:

But the Doctor Yourself Tarnished Silver Award for this month’s STEALTH FOOD goes to OVALTINE! Yes, “Ovaltine,” the health food of my youth, can no longer be trusted: “Rich Chocolate Ovaltine” in fact contains not one but all THREE chemical colors: Yellow #6, Red #40, and Blue #1!

nesquick powder chart

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