Quest for Healthy Cereal

Quest for Healthy Cereal

By Brad Schneider

I have been watching lately what I am eating. As a result, I have lost 30 pounds in the last 14 months. I am not on any special “diet”, but I am choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. I am looking at nutrition labels more, and am keeping an eye on things like calories, protiens and sugars. I’d like to share a recent comparison of mine, and try to figure which of these two cereals yu would rather feed your children before school on a big test day:
Option A:

This cereal has 190 calories per serving, 46g carbohydrates, and 19g sugars.

Option B:

This cereal has 110 calories per serving, 25g carbs and 13 sugars.

I would assume just by looking at these labels, that option B would be better than option A. Not only for feeding my children, but myself as well. I feel guilty every time I let my kids eat all the sugary cereal then send them off. OK, here is the shocker.

Option A-Post Heart Healthy Raisin Bran

Option B-Post Marshmallow Mania Pebbles, with Sprinkles Baked On!

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