Review of my car – 2004 Mercury Sable GS

MErcury Sable
Several months ago, I traded in my old van in on a newer car. I picked up a 2004 Mercury Sable GS at a local dealership. This car had 11,000 miles on it and was a service vehicle, so it never had a real owner. I traded my van in for an amount I am too embarrassed to mention here. I was out the door for roughly $12,000 for this V6 car. I was happy. The air conditioner worked great. The ride is very smooth. It is a good car to drive. I can put all three kids in the back seat, including two car seats. I normally get around 18 miles per gallon, but when I went on a road trip I got over 22 mpg. The trunk has a LOT of room. In fact, my wife would rather take my car grocery shopping than her Honda Odyssey because she can fit more groceries in the trunk.

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