Should I Podcast?

One of the gifts my wife gave me for Christmas this year was a new iPod shuffle. I must confess, I had always been weary about getting an iPod until we started discussing them this fall.

The debate for me was that I rarely listen to music on the radio. If my radio is on, I am normally tuned in to AM talk radio. What would I need an MP3 player for?

We were originally looking at the iPod Nanos, but they were a bit expensive. I saw the ones that were made by Creative, and included a digital voice recorder and an FM tuner. This would be great for when I exercise. We settled on the shuffle

I think my lovely wife may have opened up Pandora’s Box by getting me one.

You see, my wife is the anti-blogger. She doesn’t like me always being on the computer. I’m checking mail, replying to comments, researching new material, you name it. She hates it.

One thing I have discovered with my new iPod is the ability to download podcasts. I did a little surfing on the free ones downloadable by iTunes, but the podcasts I listened to were junk.

I then started thinking. Why don’t I publish a podcast and make it available to everyone?

This is something that will require a bit more research.

Do I have a program I can use to record? What file format do I use? Would anyone listen to it?

These are just a few of the questions I have.

I plan to continue to look into this, so if you might be interested in downloading a Bradsblog podcast, I value your input.

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