Software Review – AudioEdit Deluxe

audio edit deluxe image
I took a look at AudioEdit Deluxe tonight. I downloaded the trial version from the Mystik Media site.

This program appears to be very sophisticated, and was obviously written for users who know what they’re doing. AudioEdit Deluxe gives you the ability to manipulate audio files of many different file formats.

From a layman’s standpoint, you pull up a music or audio file, then you can play the whole thing or a small part of it.

You can also cut a small piece out of it, fade in, fade out, insert noise insert silence. These are just a few of the editing features I saw.

I also learned that you can input audio from a microphone, or other input device and record with this program.

For the more technical user, there are several filtering option to choose from.

My recommendation is that for the regular user like me, this might be a bit overkill for everyday audio needs. However, if you’re a person who does audio file manipulation, you should take a look at this software.

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