Software Review – GraFX Saver Pro

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My next Software review is for the screensaver generation program called GraFX Saver Pro. This is yet another program in the Mystik Media review series.

The trial version I downloaded is a 20 day evaluation. I installed it without any problems and within a couple of minutes I had the program up and running.

The first thing you do is select specific files to be added to your screensaver, or you can select whole files, or both.

After you select the files, you can select special effects for the pictures. This is pretty neat. It displays a preview before you commit to certain effects.

After you have settled on what files you want to include and the special effects they have, you finalize it by selecting where you want the screensaver file stored.

This is nice becasue you can burn it to a cd and share it with others.

The file you are left with is a self extracting file that installs a screensaver on your computer.

When the screensaver starts, it flips through all the images you have selected, and when I tested it, all the kids wanted to sit around my computer staring and talking about all the pictures. It provided a couple of minutes of entertainment before they returned to their sugar induced hyperactive state.

If you are using the trial version, your screensaver will have a small banner letting everyone know you built it from the trial version. I assume the registered version will not have it.

This program gets two thumbs up from me, and if you can afford the $75 this program costs, I would recommend it.

You can try it out for yourself or learn more about it here.

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