Software Review – IntraVnews RSS Reader

This is the first review in the Software Review Series.

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I have recently been on a quest to find a good RSS reader. I needed one that allowed me to view feeds offline, because I am not always online. I think I found one in IntraVnews.
This is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook. After I installed it, I fell in love with it. I set up a couple of subscriptions and began downloading news and blogs that I read. I ran into some problems because I screwed up and had Outlook running while I installed it. I got it all straightened out and working fine. I currently have numerous blogs, forums, news feeds and other feeds I use for my Blog sent straight into Outlook, where I can read up offline. Best of all, right now it’s free to download and they are giving away free activation codes from their website.

Highly recommended by me if you currently use Outlook as our Email client.

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