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I’m doing a review of a program called Vocaboly, and it assists with studying the SAT, VOA, TOEFL, GMA and GRE tests. I downloaded the free trial version and installed it without any problems.

The first thing I did was just tinker around and see what this program had to offer. I had to enter my name, I guess it remembers people.

One of the options was “Word Ticker”. I selected this, and a voice would pronounce a word, and the spelling and pronounciation would be displayed. This seems to make it easy to learn vocabulary. The speed of the words is adjustable by the user.vocaboly image

If you get bored with the traditional testing that this program offers, there are several games as well. The game I tried out was called “Star War” and found that it could definately help me with my typing skills as well.

The whole program is based around spelling and vocabulary and I feel it could prove to be very helpful for someone who might be preparing for one of these tests.

The trial version is limited in the amount of words that are used. Also in the trial version, the voice you hear is one of those “robot voices”. They claim that in the full version, the voice is that clear English, with American accent and will contain a lot more words. The full version for this vocabulary builder is $39.95.

You can learn more about this program and download it here.

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