Some More Changes

Earlier this week, I posted that I was shopping for a new theme for my blog. I got to tinkering around and realized that if I did that, I would be spending weeks working on getting all the plugins I have moved over to a new theme, and that simply isn’t worth it.

However, I have decided to start making some changes to the current theme.

After reading Yvonne’s Blog, I was inspired to Spice up my comments area.

I went ahead and installed the Comments Quicktags plugin, and as you can see in my comments area, the neat little buttons it created. I like this a lot.

One of the other subtle changes I have made was I added a sitemap for Bradsblog. I did this by using the Sitemap Generator plugin for WordPress.

There are a lot of other ideas bouncing around in my noggin about the design/layout and will continue to make improvements. One day soon I’m going to do a major makeover, and maybe even go away from the green and black.

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