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I just did a survey about disposable razors and they will be sending me a free sample. This was put on by a company called Supermax.(I never heard of them) On the questionairre, I filled out everything except my phone number, just in case.
I unchecked the opt-in option for future mailings and discount offers so I hope I don’t get hammered with spam.
In case you’re interested, here is their fine print:

Please send your feedback at

Legal disclaimer: Supermax respects the privacy of our online visitors. The information on this site is collected to identify you personally and only when you have provided such information at your own free will. The personal information provided by you is solely used to identify you, contact you to send free samples, mailing promotion material, if you have won any contest or promotions conducted. The personal information provided by you is not shared with any third party except with some service providers, however Supermax ensures that such service providers complies with our policies.

The above is applicable only in case personal information is provided online. Any non personal information is out side the preview of the above.

Supermax reserves the right to modify the above policy at its sole discretion and any such modification will be effective immediately. Supermax is liable to send maximum of 1 razor per household. The sample razors would be supplied in the regions of mainland USA, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.

For any additional information or query please on the above please write to

I’ll be sure to update here if I get hammered with spam. I would be interested if anyone comes across any other freebies such as this.

I completed this survey about three hours ago, and have received five SPAM emails. If you do this survey, you might want to make sure you use a junk email address that you are comfortable getting spammed.

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