The Black Friday Rant

It’s getting worse and worse every year. Big department stores are advertising deep cuts on prices of big ticket items, attempting to draw in customers on the traditional mega shopping day. As far as I’m concerned, this is all fine and dandy. The problem I have is when they advertise a sale, then only carry a handful of these items. It is classic bait and switch.
For example.
By brother attempted to get in on the $300 HP noteook on sale at Walmart. The doors opened at 5:00am. He got there at about 5:05 and they were gone. I happen to know an inside source, and he said they only started out with 21 of these. This is exactly why I don’t bother trying. In fact, I aim to be done with Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving so I don’t have to worry about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it this year so I’m going to have to go out in this crap.

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