The Growing Google Empire

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If you ask most people if they know what Google is, they might tell you it’s a search engine. Over the last couple of years, Google has grown well beyond being just a search engine. Their growth exploded once they offered there stock for public trading. It seems like every week, they are rolling out a new program. I wanted to go ahead and list a few of them.

Good Ol’ Search Engine– Old Faithful. I have grown quite accustomed to their search engine and it is the only one I use.

Desktop Search – They introduced this earlier this year and I use it. It makes searching for files on your computer a lot less hassle. I especially like it searches within emails.

Google Earth – You can’t help but wonder what Big Brother can do after you play around with this one. Google Earth lets you enter any address in the world, then takes you from space and gradually zooms in to that address. They do this using satellite images on file. The image is not a live picture, and I know when I looked at my house on it I could tell the image was several years old. There is an option to query directions but there are better programs out there to do this.

While neat to look at and play around with, I don’t think this program is very practical.

Adsense – This is an ad revenue program that is very popular among webmasters and bloggers. Perhaps you noticed the ads in the header of this page. This is Adsense. Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads, Google throws money to me.

Adwords – You can pay to have your ad published on relevant websites. These ads show up on sites that use Adsense.

– Just rolled out last week, this is a program webmasters can use to track their visitors. A “neat” feature of this program plots dots on a world map of where exactly your visitors come from.

Google Book Search – This is a program I stumbled upon just last week. Search here for a certain book, and you can preview the book before you buy it.

Blogger – Yep, Google owns them. Blogger is a very popular blog host. People can set up their own blog and be up and running in just a few minutes.

– Free email courtesy of Google. They have a pretty good spam blocker, and occasionally I have to sign in to the web mail to check for real email that got blocked. Otherwise, I use my regular email client (Microsoft Outlook) to check my Gmail accounts. They dish out email addresses by invitation only. If you do not have a Gmail account and would like one, I can send you an invitation just let me know.

This is not all of them, just the ones hat seem to stand out. If you blink you might miss their next one.

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