The Loft Bed – Product Review

My wife and I decided that it was time for my oldest son to move into his own room. His new room will also be the smallest of our bedrooms, loftbed image from websiteso space is a major issue now that we will furnish the room.
After looking into several options, we decided that a loft bed would be the most appropriate. A loft bed is like a bunk bed, except there’s no bed on the bottom. Instead of a bed underneath, there is a dresser or a desk or both.
We looked at several local furniture stores, but couldn’t find anything that jumped out at us. Today, we found one.

We found it online at and is for sale for $949. The frame is constructed with Brazilian pine and there is no particle board in it. There is the standard top bunk, then underneath there is a computer desk and dresser drawers built in. We decided to buy a computer chair to match also.

Shipping and Handling is free for purchases over $700 (In continental US). We just ordered it this weekend, and I will continue to provide updates on this bed.

Well, we got an email today. The bed shipped. We also got a phone call from the shipping company. The bed will be delivered 12/2/05.

The bed was delivered today, just as promised. The delivery guy put it right up into the garage. It was a bit of a job moving all the boxes to the second floor of my house, but it is all up there. I am taking a breather right now, I have been working on putting it together and my first impression is this:

-This is a nice loft bed.

-No particle board to be found.

-So far, the intrstuctions are straight forward, and the bed is pretty easy to assemble.

-All the hardware is packaged so that there is no guessing game trying to figure out what screw goes where.


This morning I finished putting the bed together. My son was happy to start moving in.

In all, the assembly of the loft bed was rather simple. I opted to do it without any other help, with the exception of my wife to help position the upper bed part on the top. The total time it took me was around three hours. If you buy this bed, I might suggest putting the slats on the bed before putting the bed part on. This is only because it is very difficult to screw the slats on while up in the air. It is probably ok to do, but I wasn’t very comfortable putting all my body weight on the slats.

Before I wrap this review up, I need to assemble the desk chair we bought with it.


OK, I finally finished up with the chair. Putting the chair together took all of about ten minutes. Again, straight forward.

In conclusion, this piece of furniture seems to be well worth the money. I am confident that it will last a long time, and has quickly become a conversation piece in our household.

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